“In winter when I put a quilt over myself its shadows on the wall seem to sway like an elephant. That sets my mind racing into the labyrinth of times past. Memories come crowding in.
Sorry. I’m not going to regale you with any romantic tale about my own quilt. It’s hardly a subject for romance.”
-- Excerpt from Lihaaf (The Quilt) by Ismat Chughtai

Maya and Neera on a Fake Gees Bend Quilt // 2020
84 x 72 inches
Oil and found fabric on linen

Remixed Gees Bend Quilt // 2020
30 x 24 inches
Oil and found fabric on wood panel

Having lost track of how much time had passed, the
painting finally decided to lay down
// 2020
90 x 60 inches
Oil, charcoal, and thread on used clothing 

studies for lihaaf paintings // 2020
oil on wood panel
12 x 16 inches each