Kali (footnotes)

Kali (Footnotes)
Inkjet printout, framed, sound, speaker
Diptych: 13.25 x 19.50 x 0.50 inches each

This text-based work features a translation of a famous Bengali devotional song, annotated with footnotes, and accompanied by a hidden speaker which is playing the song on loop. The footnote format compels the viewer to read not just from left to right, or horizontally, but also vertically, jumping between the footnotes and the main body of text. Thus, this text can be “read” as both a verbal and a visual composition. Furthermore, the fact that the song is addressed to Kali, makes the footnote format particularly significant. Much attention is paid to the feet of this goddess, who is traditionally depicted as standing or stepping on her husband, Shiva’s chest. It is interesting that across many religions in the Indian subcontinent, in place of an image or idol, it is common to worship just the feet or footprints of saints and gods / goddesses. Thus, as potential objects of worship, the “footnotes” in this work gain even further iconographic importance and conceptual meaningfulness.